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I (LL.B, Beijing) have spent almost my entire working life in legal industry. I began working for a law firm in 1978. In 1996, after getting the Law Society of Hong Kong’s approval to be a Law Costs Draftsman, I set up a company of Simon Cheung & Co to provide legal costing services. 

During my practice, my work progressed to dealing with a number of civil and criminal cases which includes assisting and representing Clients to negotiate and narrow down disputed costs matters with the opposite parties.

My background of dealing with various litigations and negotiations equals a proven natural ability in commercial negotiation and skills, which gives me expertise of the commercial needs of parties in commercial mediation.

Regarding my mediation services, I have dealt with various disputes, which include water leakage, estate, family property, construction work, shareholdings, etc. 

I am a trainer and speaker of the HKMSL, a company of mediation training and services provider. I am also a Chief Learning Officer of the HKMSL responsible for mediation training.

I am a columnist. My articles are mainly related to mediation and have been published in 3 Weekly, E-Tech Cure TCM Magazine, Meaningful Life, etc.

I have experience in production of programmes for OurTV – Mediation Resolves Dispute (調解化糾紛).